Cerakote Handguns

From revolvers to modern pistols, we'll customize your handgun with a Cerakote finish that not only enhances the look of your firearm but also protects it.

Cerakote Rifles

Whether you're looking to Cerakote your entire rifle or just add some flare to your rifle stock, we've got you covered. We can apply  Cerakote to a variety of materials.

Cerakote AR Rifles

Want a custom look for your AR? We can Cerakote your AR with nearly any color and can be applied in multiple designs like digital camo, or even your own design.

Cerakote Accessories

Complete your look by applying a Cerakote finish to the rest of your gear and accessories. Cerakote can be applied to metals, plastics, polymers, wood, glass and more.

Your firearm needs to be completely disassembled to apply Cerakote. We're happy to do this for you and will also provide a thorough and proper cleaning.

Cerakote Manufacturing

We're happy to work with manufacturers of all sizes and industries in the pre-assembly stage to provide your products with a finish that enhances and protects.



Crooked Creek Arms is a premier Cerakote certified applicator located in Huntingdon, PA. Our customers are hunting and gun enthusiasts, State and Local law enforcement, and military / Special Forces operators and they seek us out from every state in the union. In addition to being certified in Cerakote application on site at the NIC Industries in Oregon, we actively engage in firearms training from Special Forces tactical training to gunsmithing. You can trust Crooked Creek Arms to enhance your firearm and we guarantee our work.

We welcome you to explore our Cerakote gallery or review some of our client testimonials. Have a project in mind? Big or small, we would love to hear from you.








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#1 Trusted Cerakote Applicator Among US Special Forces

Cerakote Eagle Handgun

Cerakote eagle and flag pattern using stainless and graphite black on a Remington R1 1911