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05/27/2015 - Krieger
We have recently been added as a dealer for Krieger Barrels.  Contact us about ordering a custom Krieger Barrel.

About Crooked Creek Arms, LLC

Crooked Creek Arms, LLC is a company that is based on supplying the sportsman. We provide ammunition, firearms, and other accessories for big game hunters, target shooters, and tactical applications. Crooked Creek Arms, LLC offers a unique custom service.

Crooked Creek Arms, LLC founder, Matthew Rakar, has been involved in the shooting sports for many years. Matt has been committed to firearms and ammunition excellence for many years. Matt is an avid hunter and has previously competed in long range competition shooting. Matt has built custom rifles for target purposes as well as rifles for hunting purposes. Matt is an excellent machinest with an engineering background that enables him to conduct custom builds and gunsmithing tasks. Matt has also conducted volumes of ammunition development to obtain information about ammunition that maximizes accuracy and terminal performance.

Crooked Creek Arms, LLC will be able to fulfill your needs for whatever you would be interested in. If you don't see something on our webpage, don't be afraid to ask, so that we can provide a truly custom service for whatever you need in firearms or ammunition.

Crooked Creek Arms LLC
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