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Tier I Ammunition

Tier I ammunition is our affordable ammunition that is designed to be functional and accurate for a shooter who is looking to go to the range and get in some practice. Tier I holds the same quality as our other cartridges with the exception of a bullet that is made for target practice instead of hunting. Tier I ammunition is an affordable solution to a fun day of practice at the range.

Tier I ammunition will be offered in:

9mm/38 special/357 magnum
40 S&W / 10 MM
45 ACP/45 GAP
5.56mm/223 Rem

Tier II Ammunition

Tier II ammunition has been specially designed to be used by hunters and tactical shooters. What makes Tier II ammunition so beneficial to the shooter? Tier II ammo is manufactured to a select match grade quality. What this means is the load and the components to the load are more consistent and manufactured at a higher quality, which translates into tighter groups for the shooter and more one shot kills for the hunter. Tier II ammunition is developed to maximize terminal performance or how the bullet acts upon impact, which enables one shot kills. The hydrostatic shock produced by our Tier II bullets produces remote wounds other than the wound channel. These remote wounds are usually found in the central nervous system, the brain and heart.

Tier III Ammunition

Tier III ammunition is the highest grade of ammunition we offer. Tier III ammunition is similar to Tier II ammo; however, Tier III ammunition utilizes the highest quality of components. Cartridges are comprised of the best components available. For example, most Tier III cartridges will use bench rest grade primers and bench rest grade brass. These high quality components translate into more dependably accurate shots. Each cartridge is hand loaded and meets the most rigorous requirements of the entire Crooked Creek Arm, LLC line of ammo.

Tier II and Tier III ammunition will be offered in :

38 special/357 magnum
40 S&W / 10 MM
45 ACP/45 GAP
5.56mm/223 Rem
17 Remington Fireball
204 Ruger
22 Hornet
222 Remington
223 Remington
22-250 Remington
220 Swift
243 Winchester
6mm/244 Remington
25-06 Remington
257 Roberts
260 Remington

6.5x284 Norma
264 Winchester Magnum
270 Winchester
270 Winchester Short Magnum
7mm Remington Magnum
280 Remington
30-30 Winchester
308 Winchester
30-06 Springfield
300 Winchester Magnum
300 Weatherby Magnum
300 Winchester Short Magnum
300 Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum
300 Remington Ultra Magnum
338 Lapua Magnum

All of our ammunition is manufactured to SAMMI specifications. SAMMI has been leading the industry in safety, reliability, quality and more important to the average shooter, interchangeability . Assembling ammunition to meet SAMMI specifications means no matter what caliber you shoot, the ammunition will work.

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